Custom Cabinetry

At PWC, we employ some of the best carpenters and finish installers in the area, allowing us to take care of all your cabinet and finish work needs. We can build any type of cabinet or casework that you need. We strive to complete our projects to the highest quality to satisfy you, our customer. So, whether it is a large kitchen remodel, new office look, bathroom remodel, or even just a new piece of furniture, we can create what you are looking for. If it is durable, laminate cabinets for your school or office space, stained or painted cabinets for the kitchen you have always dreamed of, to concrete countertops for that backyard kitchen and gathering space, we can do it all. Let our state of the art machinery and top-notch carpenters go to work for you!

Residential Cabinetry

Commercial Cabinetry

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